The driving force behind IsoAcoustics is Dave Morrison, a man closely involved in planning and building radio and television studios at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for close to 20 years. Dave Morrison was part of the design team faced with the challenges of building the world's largest multi-media centre in Toronto.

IsoAcoustics speaker stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers to "float" in free space, letting you hear authentic, uncoloured sound. These eliminate energy transfer to surrounding surfaces. Bass becomes tighter. Overall imaging is enhanced. Your speakers perform to their full potential.

With a third product range due in 2016, designs in-corporated into speaker stands, and various approvals from well-known speaker manufactures, IsoAcoustics stands are now being discover by more and more customers, at an increasing rate

Web Link: http://www.isoacoustics.com

Where to find IsoAcoustics at the show

See IsoAcoustics in Room 326 on the 3rd Floor


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