Meze Audio

Meze Headphones understand that music is not just a pastime but a way of life. Whenever creating or performing we're accompanied by our favourite tracks. Meze design their headphones to transpose you in their world. The real wood design is specifically created to offer a warm sound that is also crisp and clear, a sound that you can enjoy no matter the situation. Experience your music in a new way. Let Meze take you on the journey they followed, to the perfect natural sound. Allow yourself to experience music like never before, comfortably and with style.

Where to find Meze Audio at the show

See Meze Audio in Room 326 on the 3rd Floor and on Stand Foyer 1b on the Ground Floor


08.01.19    SCV Highlights At Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019
pic   This year SCV will be presenting the very latest audio innovations from Focal, Micromega, Meze, Novafidelity, Benchmark Media and Questyle. more info