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Sota-Acoustics Ltd., is a company dedicated to producing a unique range of loudspeakers based around state-of-the-art mechanical engineering. Branded Markaudio-Sota, our key goal is to apply all-range driver technology to our products with minimal control networks. Sota Acoustics works in close cooperation with Markaudio Loudspeakers Ltd., home of the renowned Alpair series of drivers.

Highly customised variations of these drivers are engineered for Sota Acoustics by Markaudio Loudspeakers: to celebrate this close working relationship, the new brand of loudspeakers share the combined name of ‘Markaudio-Sota

Web Link: http://www.markaudio-sota.com

Where to find Markaudio-Sota at the show

See Markaudio-Sota in Room 213 on the 2nd Floor

MarkAudio-SOTA searched the world to find the best designers and engineers in their respective fields with the goal to create a unique series of loudspeaker products that provide simple and faithful musical playback. The speakers employ a number of key features, such as wide-range driver-technology and minimal control networks to produce natural, detailed music that preserves the realistic richness of voices and instruments.

New Product Launches: Viotti Tower


17.01.18    New Viotti Tower Loudspeaker, Italian design flare with British and Asian engineering
pic   Viotti Tower was styled by Andrea Ponti, an Italian designer who works extensively in Europe and Japan. more info

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