Anatech Distribution

Web Link: www.bluesound.anatech.co.uk

Where to find Anatech Distribution at the show

See Anatech Distribution in Room 310 on the 3rd Floor

Bluesound is exhibiting at Bristol for the first time ever! Come and hear why it's won Multi-Room Product of the Year at What Hi-fi? for the last three years on the spin. Imagine being present at the original studio performance of your favourite recording artist. Every nuance, every subtlety, every tiny drop of emotion delivered to your ears.

This is Master Quality Authenticated, or MQA. Come and listen to MQA sound all weekend on the only multi-room system capable of playing it. Come and join us!

Competition: Enter the What Hi-Fi? competition to win the award-winning Bluesound Node 2, worth £499! Bluesound, the sound of hi-res streaming in every room.


20.01.17    First Public Demonstration of Streaming MQA On TIDAL
pic   The Bristol Show will be the first public UK hi-fi show demonstration of Tidal MQA streaming on the What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year 2016. more info

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