Formed in 1987, French manufacturer Micromega, has developed a reputation for developing ground-breaking HiFi separates. In 2007 hi-fi enthusiast, Didier Hamdi, purchased the company, whilst the original founder remained head of product development, with the focus of maintaining manufacturing rigor alongside a proud heritage in audio design and performance. However, for the last 4 years Micromega has had no UK representation. 2019 see’s the end to this, with SCV proudly re-introducing them at this year’s Bristol show! The current range includes the entry level ‘My Range’ products comprising a DAC, MM/MC phone preamp, headphone amp and integrated amp/DAC. Most recently is the integrated and networkable amp/DAC, the M-One. This innovative 2018/2019 EISA award-winning product offers Class AB amplification and high connectivity in an extremely attractive and discrete package.

Web Link: https://micromega.com/en/

Where to find Micromega at the show

See Micromega in Room 326 on the 3rd Floor

IsoAcoustics’ Paul Morrison will be presenting the revered GAIA isolators with two sets of identical loudspeakers set up for comparison. With the aid on an instantaneous A-B switch the difference is easy to appreciate. The system will be powered by Micromega’s M-One. The full range of ‘My’ products will also be on display with Micromega’s Adrien Hamdi on hand to answer your questions. Acting as source for the system will be Novafidelity’s latest high end products, the X50D streamer and X45Pro DAC/Streamer.