Henley Audio

Everyone has a different interpretation of what good sound is, and at Henley Designs we’re no different. We strive to bring customers the best possible selection of hi-fi equipment from a variety of international manufacturers. Check out what we have to offer at Bristol 2016 from the brands we exclusively distribute: Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Ortofon, Roksan Audio, Unison Research, Opera, Lehmann Audio and more...

Web Link: www.henleydesigns.co.uk

Where to find Henley Audio at the show

See Henley Audio in Room 416 on the 4th Floor, in Room 418 on the 4th Floor, in Room 420 on the 4th Floor, on Stand Bristol 10a on the Ground Floor and on Stand Bristol 10b on the Ground Floor


14.11.18    Pro-Ject Launch New Phono Stages!

Pro-Ject Audio Systems the Austrian manufacturer of multi-award-winning hi-fi record players and electronics are recognised around the world for their devotion to analogue stereo systems Their commitment to the platform has now seen them sell over 500,000 of their legendary Phono Box phono stages; so to mark the milestone the… more info