Arcam of Cambridge - 40th Anniversary Year 2016. One of the pioneers of Hi-Fi, Arcam have been building world-class products for over 40 years. Now one of the world’s most prestigious AV engineering companies and a noted authority on Digital Audio, Hi-Fi and Home Cinema, Arcam is headquartered near Cambridge UK.

Arcam don't build equipment to impress on one quick listen. Arcam audio equipment is musical and enjoyable over years and years of listening. Many competing products are very 'Hi-Fi' but don't play music in an enjoyable fashion. The Arcam sound gets more involving and musical the longer you listen.

Web Link: www.arcam.co.uk

Where to find Arcam at the show

See Arcam on Stand Bristol 15 on the Ground Floor and in the Empire 2 Suite on the Ground Floor

ARCAM will be demonstrating their brand new AV860 Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X 7.1.4 AV processor with their award winning class G power amplifiers in the Empire 2 suite. The processor is fully 4K (UHD),HDCP2.2 & HDMI2.0a compliant. As with our current AV receivers in the ARCAM range it has 7 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI outputs and is ARC compatible. Dirac Live ® for ARCAM Room Correction is also on-board. ARCAM will also be showcasing the new rPlay music streamer and rPhono MM/MC phono stage along with the Solo range in Bristol 15.

New Product Launches: ARCAM AV860 AV pre-amp processor, ARCAM rPlay music streamer, ARCAM rPhono MM/MC phono stage


12.01.17    ARCAM Launches rPlay, Music Streamer
pic   The rPlay is new to the rSeries range and allows you to add network audio streaming services to any hi-fi/home cinema system. more info
12.01.17    ARCAM Launches rPhono Phono Stage
pic   ARCAM will be exhibiting the rPhono moving magnet and moving coil phono stage for the first time in the UK. more info
12.01.17    ARCAM Launches AV860 AV Pre-amp Processor
pic   The ARCAM AV860 will be on demonstration with our amazing class G power amplifiers. Demonstrations on the hour in The Empire 2 suite. more info

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