Chord Company

Designing and hand-building near Stonehenge, England, this team of dedicated music lovers has been creating high-performance audio products since 1985. The company goes to great lengths (and precise tolerances!) to produce their award-winning cables; every element is chosen for optimum performance.

Chord Company enjoys an international reputation for realistically priced, audiophile-quality interconnects and speaker cables, and has become known for its unique ARAY/Tuned ARAY/Super ARAY conductor technology, proprietary Taylon® insulation, advanced shielding materials and its ground-breaking ChordOhmic speaker plug connectors.

Whatever music you play and whatever format you use, Chord Company products can transform your listening experience, making extraordinary degrees of musical honesty and realism possible.

Web Link: www.chord.co.uk

Where to find Chord Company at the show

See Chord Company in Room 112 on the 1st Floor, on Stand Foyer 1a on the Ground Floor and on Stand Foyer 1c on the Ground Floor

Chord Company will debut its innovative new insulation technology, XLPE, with demonstrations featuring several new speaker cables. Chord Company experts will introduce the sonic benefits of XLPE, answer any cable-related questions and explain the benefits of the company’s unique technologies.

Chord Company has two locations: room 112 for ticketed demos, plus the foyer for headphone/cable demonstrations (and tickets). In addition to exclusive offers, a factory-quality speaker cable termination service for the new ChordOhmic plugs will also be available.

New Product Launches: ShawlineX speaker cable. EpicXL speaker cable. SignatureXL speaker cable.