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Karma AV

For more information please contact Ian Severs or Mark Alcock:

Web Link: www.karma-av.co.uk

Where to find Karma AV at the show

See Karma AV in Room 330 on the 3rd Floor and in Room 332 on the 3rd Floor

With a rush of new product intros, Karma-AV returns to prove that great AV performance needn’t cost a fortune. Setting the biggest bang-for-buck benchmark in the ‘Atmos’ room 332, the awesome new Emotiva RMC-1 AV processor and XPA-11 amplifier drive the acclaimed ‘Ultra’ speaker ensemble from SVS, underpinned by the brand’s extraordinary new SB-4000 active subwoofer! Meanwhile the music-dedicated Primare room (330) hosts the Bristol show debut of the much vaunted ‘Prisma’ range of Wi-Fi connected hi-fi separates.

New Product Launches: Emotiva RMC-1 AV processor/Pre and XPA-11 multi-channel power amp, SVS SB4000 active subwoofer


12.02.18    Incoming SVS 4000 Series Subs Make UK Show Debut
pic   Delivering reference calibre bass at keen price-points, the SVS 4000 series of subs makes its UK debut at room 332. more info

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