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British loudspeakers have always enjoyed an excellent reputation around the world, and Wharfedale is perhaps the most famous brand of all. Stretching back to 1932, when Gilbert Briggs, Wharfedale’s founder, built his first speaker in the cellar of his Yorkshire home, Wharfedale has been responsible for some of the most important loudspeakers ever produced, introducing many techniques and technologies that became commonplace, such as the two-way loudspeaker (invented in 1945) and the use of ceramic magnets (pioneered in 1962).

In 2016, 84 years after the company was founded, Wharfedale continues its quest to deliver excellent sound at affordable prices. Its current range includes desktop, standmount and floorstanding speakers delivering superb ‘sound-per-pound’ performance, including the latest iteration of the famous Diamond line – still the classic entry point to high-fidelity sound.

Web Link: www.wharfedale.co.uk

Where to find Wharfedale at the show

See Wharfedale in the The Old Vic Suite on the Lower Ground floor

QUAD is Britain's original high-end audio brand, with more than 80 years of innovation under its belt. Don't miss the chance to hear the new Artera Solus - a multi-tasking hi-fi system packed into a single sleek and sophisticated box, on demo with a pair of sumptuous speakers from QUAD's revered range.
QUAD's room is shared by sister-company Wharfedale, whose latest creations include the DX-2 budget home cinema speaker package and DS-2 stereo Bluetooth speakers, delivering remarkable sound-per-pound performance.

New Product Launches: Quad Artera Solus, Wharfedale DS-2 Wharfedale DX-2

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