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Hampshire-based IsoTek is a world-leading brand of specialised power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema use. Mains electricity is distorted by, and gathers noise from, a variety of influencing factors that constrain the performance of electronic components. IsoTek develops standard-setting solutions designed to filter and distribute the mains supply and deliver pure, refined power that optimises and protects valuable audio and audio-visual systems. Its award-winning product range - which is enjoyed by both audiophiles and music professionals worldwide - features performance-enhancing power conditioners focused on the specific requirements of individual systems, plus a series of high-performance mains cables and connectors.

Web Link: www.isoteksystems.com

Where to find IsoTek at the show

See IsoTek in Room 209 on the 2nd Floor

Could this be the most cost-effective way of upgrading your system’s performance? Find out why IsoTek’s unique power cleaning technologies win more awards than any similar brand. Bjoern Kort’s revealing demonstrations will feature a wide selection of the company’s renowned mains conditioners and cables, from the entry-level ‘Discovery’ series to the top-of-range ‘Ultimate’. Also discover sister company Blue Horizon’s Professional Rack System, a highly flexible and performance-enhancing design that’s easily upgraded or modified as your system evolves.

New Product Launches: IsoTek EVO3 Ascension power cable


26.01.18    Ascension: the new almighty power cable from IsoTek!
pic   IsoTek’s new flagship, the EVO3 Ascension, takes the brand’s power cable designs and technical innovations to a new level. more info

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