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Blue Horizon

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British company Blue Horizon creates sound-enhancing accessories designed to extract an even greater level of performance from audiophile-grade hi-fi systems. The company was established in 2008 by Keith Martin, also founder and managing director of leading power conditioning brand IsoTek. With 25 years of consumer electronics experience and more than 60 industry awards to his name, Keith developed designs for many familiar brands, from Kenwood to Lufthansa, before focusing his talents on crafting class-leading audio products.

Web Link: www.bluehorizonideas.com

Where to find Blue Horizon at the show

See Blue Horizon in Room 209 on the 2nd Floor and in Room 220 on the 2nd Floor

Could this be the most cost-effective way of upgrading your system’s performance? Find out why IsoTek’s unique power cleaning technologies win more awards than any similar brand. Bjoern Kort’s revealing demonstrations will feature a wide selection of the company’s renowned mains conditioners and cables, from the entry-level ‘Discovery’ series to the top-of-range ‘Ultimate’. Also discover sister company Blue Horizon’s Professional Rack System, a highly flexible and performance-enhancing design that’s easily upgraded or modified as your system evolves.

New Product Launches: IsoTek EVO3 Ascension power cable

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