Kudos Audio

Hand-built, high-performance loudspeakers. Crafted not just for music, but by music.

Deliberately ignoring the rule book, Kudos takes an uncommon approach to traditional loudspeaker design, putting music at the core of everything they do. Based in the north-east of England, Kudos only use the finest components, minimal connections and timeless craftsmanship in their range of industry-leading loudspeakers to deliver a sound that is as exhilarating as it is pure.

Web Link: www.kudosaudio.com

Where to find Kudos Audio at the show

See Kudos Audio in Room 206 on the 2nd Floor

Kudos Audio’s Titan series offers four flagship-quality loudspeakers tailored for a range of budgets, listening spaces and system types. Newest to the range is the Titan 505 standmount. It’s small on size, big on immersion and perfect if it’s everyday elation you’re after. Hear the Titan 505 partnered with the new Linn Selekt network music player. (And speaking of partnerships, be sure to check out room 212 for the preview of a very exciting new collaboration with Exposure Electronics!).


06.02.19    Small On Size, Big On Immersion: Kudos Audio Titan 505 Loudspeaker
pic   Looking for everyday elation? The 505 offers key features of Kudos’ flagship Titan series in a compact, standmount model. more info