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Where to find Atlas Cables at the show

See Atlas Cables on Stand Bristol 7b on the Ground Floor

Atlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist,would like to invite you to experience their latest Eos power cable offerings at our booth in the Bristol suite (7b). At the booth you will be able to "take the challenge" and actively listen to the difference between standard power cables and Atlas Eos screened mains leads on two identical systems. Also on show will be a comprehensive line up of all our latest cables as well as a live demonstration of cable termination using the cold weld technique.

New Product Launches: Launched at the Show will be the brand new 6 way Atlas Eosmodular 4.0 power management device. Available in two configurations; a 6 way unfiltered design that implements Atlas new ssd (sequential socket decoupling)technology and a filtered variant (3 unfiltered sockets, 3 filtered).

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