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Italian brand Audio Analogue aims “to conceive a special quality of sound through deep knowledge of audio technology”. Each product is designed to satisfy every element of the listening experience and every member of the company’s skilled design team is involved in all developmental stages of a new product, even though they may be directly responsible for only a part of it. Fine-tuning of each product is a similarly collaborative process - extensive listening tests involve designers, engineers and managers alike, so that the many aspects of sonic balance are collectively optimised.

Where to find Audio Analogue at the show

See Audio Analogue in Room 318 on the 3rd Floor and in Room 320 on the 3rd Floor

This promises to be something special. Kronos are quietly earning a reputation as a leading light in turntables, while Raidho are established loudspeaker legends. Take a Kronos .5 turntable, a pair of Raidho XT1 speakers, plug in Audio Analogue’s new mighty-yet-masterful Maestro Anniversary integrated amp and add a Crimson cartridge and 3T cabling from the much-respected van den Hul, and we have quite some system. We also have Mr A.J. van den Hul himself with some tempting offers on cartridges.

If you covet the sweet sound of Raidho’s legendary loudspeakers (room 320) but lack a couple of zeros off the price tag, don’t despair. Sister brand Scansonic’s M Series speakers are created by Raidho designer Michael Børresen – yet they’re astonishingly affordable. Partnered here with Audio Analogue’s Fortissimo Airtech CD Player and integrated amplifier, and cabling from van den Hul, come and discover the sweet sound of a system that’s high on performance yet achievable on a more mid-range budget.


17.01.17    Audio Analogue New Maestro Anniversary Zero Feedback Integrated Amplifier Makes Bristol Debut
pic   Audio Analogue marked its twentieth year with the Puccini Anniversary. Now, another classic gets the ‘Anniversary’ treatment: the flagship Maestro. more info

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