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February 9, 2018

The NEW CH Precision I1 Integrated Amplifier



The new I1 distills ground breaking technology taken from CH Precisions multi-award winning A1 power amplifier, C1 DAC, L1 line pre amplifier and P1 phono stage to create an integrated amplifier of impeccable quality.

Housed in CH Precision's distinctive, highly refined, yet subtle enclosure, the I1 offers all of the modularity and future proof "card-cage" options as the other products in the 1-Series. Allowing the owner to select which inputs are required at the point of purchase. With an array of options, ranging from digital, analogue, phono, USB and ethernet streaming inputs available, the I1 is a bespoke, highly customisable product.

At the heart of the I1 is a 1000VA power transformer, a powerhouse providing the amplifier output stages with ample energy to drive and control any loudspeaker.

The I1 will be partnered with Wilson Benesch Discovery II Loudspeakers in the Conservatory on the 1st Floor, complete with Clearer Audio Cables wiring.

See Wilson Benesch at...

Terrace/Conservatory: Conservatory 1