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February 14, 2018

The Chartwell LS6/f loudspeakers, first UK showing


Graham Audio's 'Chartwell LS6/f' floor standing loudspeakers will be heard in public for the first time at a UK Hi-Fi Show in Bristol.

Building on the success of our ever popular LS6 monitor, the LS6/f is a floor-standing loudspeaker system that combines a modern aesthetic with the open, uncoloured sound our customers expect from a Graham Audio system.

They will be demonstrated with the new Astin Trew AT2-5100 dual mono 180W power amplifier and AT2-1100 configurable pre-amplifier using both Master Tapes and LP sources.

With the power amplifier's generous power reserves, this Astin-Graham combination will prove to a real joy for anyone who loves a natural, unforced presentation with genuine musical insight and dynamics. Do come and have a listen in room 306.

See Astin Trew / Air Audio at...

3rd Floor: 306