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February 18, 2018

Nuvistor Phono stage



Following on from the success of the NV-06 the only all Nuvistor Phono stage, made in the UK.. Audio Detail are showing for the first time, the new NV-08 Phono stage.. Featuring 4 Nuvistors in the first amplification stages then complimented by a pair of double triode output valves( s.. This Phono stage is set to rock, this is no hybrid, there are no chips in the NV-08 just 4 triodes per channel! Using passive RIAA filtering, with a zero feedback circuit, this is a no compromise Phono stage for the most devout vinyl listener!
The design allows the user to roll the 2 output valves to tune the unit just that little bit, for the right sound!
Come and hear it in Room FAB 208...

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2nd Floor: 208