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February 19, 2018

ECLIPSE to demonstrate its flagship loudspeaker and subwoofer combination at Sound & Vision 2018



Visitors to the Decent Audio rooms at the Show (318 & 320, 3rd floor) will experience ECLIPSE’s flagship TD712zMK2 speakers and range-topping TD725SWMK2 subwoofer in perfect harmony, complemented by electronics from Audio Analogue and a vinyl front-end from Kronos

The TD712zMK2 speakers (£6,500 per pair) and flagship TD725SWMK2 subwoofer (£5,100), deliver the ultimate ECLIPSE performance and fully showcase the advantages of the company’s proprietary waveform reproduction technologies.

About the TD712zMK2 loudspeaker
The flagship TD712zMK2 delivers ECLIPSE’s finest sonic performance. It features the largest drive unit configuration from the portfolio, a 12cm full-range fibreglass unit which offers greater power handling and a wider frequency response. ECLIPSE’s legendary waveform reproduction technologies are also deployed, including the iconic egg-shaped chassis, high-mass anchor and vibration-eliminating acoustic treatments. 

About the TD725SWMK2 subwoofer
The range-topping TD725SWMK2 uses dual drive units that are comparatively small in diameter but can be driven at high speed. The back-to-back units are connected with an aluminium shaft and driven in-phase, the generated reaction force forms a strong base in place of the ground anchor found in ECLIPSE loudspeakers. The drivers ‘float’ inside the cabinet and special materials are used to suppress vibration. An ICEpower
made high-output digital power amplifier is employed which enables a smaller internal circuit while keeping high linearity at maximum output. Full details here.

See Decent Audio at...

3rd Floor: 320, 3rd Floor: 318