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February 21, 2018

Jamo Studio 8 Gets UK Debut



In 2018, Jamo turns 50 years old, and to help mark the occasion we’re delighted to be bringing the new Studio series loudspeaker range back to the UK!

The new Jamo Studio 8 series combines innovative contemporary design, advanced acoustic technologies, and a balanced, natural sound performance at an attractive price for consumers.

The Studio 8 compact cabinet designs with thoughtfully positioned reflex ports and neat, modern feet are an ideal solution for urban living spaces around the world. Building on classic Jamo acoustics, the new Studio 8 Series brings high design and high performance to any budget. Sonically, the Studio 8 series employs 1” soft dome tweeters across the range, with WaveGuide technology for a dynamic, powerful sound performance. The stylish, aluminized polyfibre woofers deliver deep, accurate bass from a small footprint thanks in-part to the clever use of reflex ports.

For the ultimate home cinema experience, Dolby Atmos®-enabled speakers deliver sound that comes alive from all directions, including overhead, filling any room with astonishing detail, and depth. The S 809, S 807 and S 803 models boast elegant, patent-pending conductive metal fasteners on the top of their cabinets that serve as terminals for the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker. The S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker’s metal feet innovatively align with these connectors so the back of the speaker has a clean design without the need to run additional cables up-to the elevation module. The grilles on the S 809 and S 807 are also able to slide up and align with the front of the S 8 ATM to create one continuous line, free from visible inputs or wires.

All speaker models in the Studio 8 range are available in three furniture-grade matte vinyl finishes with wood grain accents around the tweeters, at the bases, and feet, as well as trim rings to hide the driver fixings. The fully magnetic grilles also come in two unique colours – white speakers come with heather grey grilles, and the walnut and black speakers come with charcoal grey grilles, accentuating the clean, minimalist lines of this European design.

Some Studio 8 series speakers are available now through a specially selected network of UK dealers, with the full range arriving in April 2018. See them on demo in the Bristol Suite and Room 416.

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