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February 21, 2018

Clearer Audio Cables



For more than a decade now, Clearer Audio and Wilson Benesch have partnered to great effect - two British companies coming together for a celebration of high end audio at the country's premier Hi-Fi Show. Once again, Clearer Audio will provide the vital link between each world class component in the chain, using its industry leading Silver-line Optimus Reference interconnects, speaker cables, power cables and power distribution HUBs.

The Silver-line Optimus Reference 75 Digital Interconnect was recently awarded 'Digital Cable of the Year’ from Hi-Fi+ magazine with Alan Sircom (Editor), one of the UK’s most respected hi-fi reviewers, stating the cable was “...more than good enough to let any good digital audio shine.” The cable features 6N Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) Silver conductors, a multi-layer hybrid copper/silver shielding system and pure silver RCAs/BNCs (from WBT and Oyaide).

Clearer Audio cables offer unrivalled world class performance, which are meticulously hand-built in-house. Company Director, Darren Smith will be on hand during the show and would be delighted to answer any cable questions or queries that visitors might have and offer advice in areas of cable selection, upgrades and system optimisation to name a few.

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Terrace/Conservatory: Conservatory 1