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February 23, 2018

Leema Acoustics to debut FOUR new products


Leema Acoustics’ classic combination of Stream CD player and Pulse amplifier will reunite for Sound and Vision as the Welsh hi-fi specialist debuts the new upgraded 2018 Stream IV streaming CD player to complement the December-announced Pulse IV amp/DAC.

The show will also mark the world’s first public outing for the Welsh-made source and amplifier, now in their fourth generations.

Also making its world debut at Sound and Vision will be a new addition to the space-saving Elements range: the Elements Streamer. Leema’s brand new compact streamer is based on the same high-quality module in the Quasar streaming amp/DAC and introduces a world of content to Leema’s shoe-box-sized Elements range and compact audio systems everywhere.

In addition, Leema Acoustics will also be debuting its January-announced Hydra II Anniversary Edition power amp, in what is shaping up to be Leema Acoustics’ biggest Bristol show in years. Visitors to the Leema suites on the tenth floor will be the first in the world to experience the new products which will be on display from the opening Friday of the show.

New: Elements Streamer £1,095
The new compact-chassis Elements Streamer is based upon the high-quality streaming module used in the recently launched Quasar streaming amp/DAC(£2,995), with the addition of an advanced ESS Sabre DAC, enabling the device to be used as a standalone unit in a wide range of audio systems.

The Elements Streamer has built-in support for a number of high-performance streaming services including Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz and vTuner radio. Spotify Connect is also supported, along with file playback from Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive. Local playback from USB drives is also supported.

The device can ‘pull’ music and effortlessly stream audio from any suitable DLNA/UPnP device on the same network, including: smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, NAS drives and music servers, including Leema’s forthcoming Sirius music server.

New: Stream IV (streaming CD player) £2,095
The new full-width Stream IV streaming CD is the fourth incarnation of Leema’s classic source component and has been updated for the streaming age. The player shares many of the internals with the Elements Streamer with the inclusion of a Stream Unlimited-sourced CD player. Housed in a full-width chassis designed to complement the newly launched Pulse IV amp/DAC, the Stream IV offers huge versatility and can playback from virtually every source: CD, streaming, analogue and vinyl systems, plus all manner of digital devices.

World debut: Hydra II Anniversary Edition power amp (£4,795)
The Hydra II Anniversary Edition is an intelligent, bridgeable stereo power amplifier incorporating many developments pioneered in Leema’s legacy reference-grade monoblock, the Altair IV. Highly flexible and hugely powerful, its dual-mono design uses two massive toroidal power transformers, one for each channel, together with a separate transformer for the control circuitry.

World debut: Pulse IV amp/DAC (production version) £2,295
The new Pulse IV amplifier/DAC is the ideal ‘hub’ for contemporary music-listening with its turntable connectivity, Bluetooth playback and seven digital inputs enabling a huge range of devices to connect. The Pulse IV is a highly versatile and powerful integrated amplifier that enables a world of music to be enjoyed with Leema Acoustics’ sound quality thanks to a huge connectivity suite bringing together music playback in all its forms, whether on vinyl, streamed from smartphones and tablets via aptX Bluetooth, or stored on computers, laptops and more. The Pulse IV is the perfect complement for the Stream IV streaming CD.

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