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January 17, 2019

Amplifier Technologies Incorporated (ATI) Introduces the ATP-16 Surround Sound Processor.



The Datasat team and brand actually started many years ago as Digital Theater Systems. Formed in 1991, the Digital Theater Systems team set out to provide a superior listening experience to movie-goers. Datasat developed one of the first digital audio systems for cinemas. This caught the attention of Steven Spielberg and, in 1993, the first movie to feature this sound technology was released.

Since 1993 till 2016, every film released from a North American studio featured Datasat Digital Sound. The best blockbuster, mainstream and independent titles could be heard in the best quality surround sound in over 30,000 cinemas worldwide.

Datasat’s achievements were recognised with an Oscar for sound technology in 1996.

By concentrating on the digital signal processing element of sound reproduction, the company has been able to create a new generation of feature-rich audio processors that are taking the listening experience to the next level.

Datasat brings the same professional audio processing technology to the high-end consumer market.

The ATI ATP-16 has been jointly developed by Datasat and Amplifier Technologies Incorporated, guided by legendary amplifier designer Morris Kessler. The processor will offer 16 channels of processing with Dirac Room Correction, via 16 balanced XLR outputs. The processor supports the latest 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos®, DTS X™ and Auro-3D®.

The ATP-16 will incorporate 7 HDMI inputs, which feature HDMI 2.0/HDCP2.2 with 2 HDMI outputs for connectivity. In addition to the HDMI connections there will be a number of analogue and digital audio inputs listed below:

Two S/PDIF Inputs
Two Toslink inputs
USB Audio Input
Two Analogue Stereo inputs via four RCA connectors.

Additional inputs and four 12v triggers outputs are provided to allow remote triggering of other components and external control of the ATP-16.

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