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January 22, 2019

Novafidelity's New HA500H Headphone Amp And DAC

picNovafidelity’s HA500H features a hybrid headphone amplifier to offer users both solid state and tube pre-amplification. The ECC82 vacuum tubes, employed on the preamp stage of the headphone amplifier and the pre-out, provide beautifully warm audio reproduction against the transparent and dynamic sound on offer when the HA500H is switched to solid state OP amp mode.

The internal design of the HA500H is fully-balanced, with conversion implemented using dual ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DAC chips. This design offers exemplary DNR, up to 127dB, and low THD+N of -120dB. Using this balanced design offers reduced internal noise and better channel separation, with twice the voltage and four times to power made available on the 4-pin XLR output, for difficult headphone loads.

The HA500H also offers convenience with wireless support for BT 4.2 with aptX technology and employs a 5.0” TFT LCD screen to make settings easy as well as offering the user with three unique level displays to choose from.

The HA500H is the perfect companion for Novafidelity’s X50 and X50Pro or any other digital or analogue source which can benefit from a higher quality DAC and/or headphone amplifier.

The HA500H will be available to try for the first time in the UK at the Bristiol Hifi Show, located in Foyer 1b and will retail for £2099 inc VAT.

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