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February 4, 2019

Test Drive Clearaudio’s Brand New Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaning Machine



A scrupulously clean vinyl record has so much more to offer: more information, more detail and, let’s face it, superior sound quality. And that applies not only your latest flea market finds but equally your brand-new records, since the pressing process leaves behind all manner of unwanted surface chemical residues.

Clearaudio’s ‘Matrix’ record cleaners have long been renowned for their gentle yet highly effective vacuum cleaning capabilities. The new Smart Matrix Silent is also super-convenient to use. While most record cleaning machines need multiple arms for different record sizes, the Smart Matrix Silent features a single, multifunctional cleaning, vacuum and antistatic arm arm with a built-in a sliding record size selector, allowing you to clean 12” LPs, 10” EPs and 7” singles, both vinyl and shellac.

And, as the name suggests, ‘the silent one’ is engineered to reduce noise to a minimum - all the more remarkable considering its 500-Watt vacuum motor. This, combined with its elegant design, makes the Smart Matrix Silent perfect for placing alongside any hi-fi system rather than being hidden away in a utility room.

Find out more about Clearaudio’s record cleaning machines (though this one’s so hot off the press, it’s not yet online – so come and enjoy this sneak preview!).

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