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January 3, 2017

Ophidian P-series Loudspeakers Debut at Bristol


What sets the Prophet loudspeakers apart is the combination of a cabinet structure built from plywood rather than the more common MDF and a clever floating front baffle arrangement.

Plywood is both stronger and lighter than MDF and along with our unique AEROFLEX technology allow the Prophet loudspeakers to produce smoothly controlled and extended bass performances.

The thick floating front baffle is mounted to the chassis via a flexible gasket which allows much less of the vibrational force generated by the drive units to transfer directly to the cabinet walls.

The P1 is a 2-way standmount loudspeaker featuring a 180mm aluminium midbass driver and 28mm silk domed tweeter while the P2 floorstander features dual 180mm midbass drivers in a 2.5 way setup.

We look forward to demonstrating the new P-series alongside our award winning M-series (Minimo, Mojo and Mambo) loudspeakers. See you in February!

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