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January 11, 2017

Acoustic Energy Celebrate 30 Years And Launch 3 New Products

Within the last 30 years AE has reinvented the small monitor loudspeaker with the AE1 - recognised by many as an industry classic - introduced the world’s first WIFI/Internet radio (in 2005) and the world’s first Bluetooth system (in 2006) and even made a custom version for phone company Orange. One of our most renowned models is still the much loved AE109 (introduced in 1995), a loudspeaker that redefined performance at its price and won numerous awards around the world.

Now, in 2017, AE will launch several new models. The first of which - the AE1 Active – combines the lessons learnt from the AE1 and our professional studio monitors - to deliver a domestic Active speaker for the first time. The BT2 – a stylish, aluminum finish, Bluetooth speaker - and the AE100 Series - featuring a redesigned and updated AE109 – will follow later in the Spring.

You can be the first to see and hear these at the Bristol Show this February.

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