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January 11, 2017

World Premiere: Exposure Electronics XM Series Debuts At Bristol


Hoping for some good news to get 2017 off to a strong start? Then look no further, as Exposure Electronics launches its exciting new ‘XM’ series of amplifiers – and visitors to The Bristol Show will be the first to experience it.

Prompted by the unstoppable resurgence of vinyl amid a digital age, the XM series offers smart solutions for music lovers seeking great performance across multiple media but who don’t want the size or cost of their system to spiral out of control.

Kicking off the series, the XM5 integrated amplifier puts the ‘integrated’ well and truly back into amps by including both a phonostage and a DAC – yet in an astonishingly compact half-width size.

What the XM5 loses in bulk, it makes up for in quality and detail. Its linear power supply features a large 200VA custom-made toroidal power transformer; the signal path sports only high quality resistors and capacitors, while Toshiba bipolar output transistors deliver superior dynamic performance.

“Back when vinyl records were the standard, all integrated amps and most preamplifiers had an on-board phonostage, since the majority of people were using a turntable,” explains Tony Brady, Exposure’s chief designer. But with the arrival of CDs in the 1990s, phonostages were largely dropped from amplifier design. “Which means that vinyl-lovers now have to invest in, and make room for, a whole lot of kit,” adds Brady.

But not any more, as Exposure determines to bring ‘the good old days’ bang up-to-date.

And for the audiophile who wants that little bit more, Exposure’s new XM3 phonostage adds a further level of performance along with greater flexibility, offering separate MM and MC inputs as well as adjustable loading and gain. And, like the XM5, it also sports a convenient half-width size.

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