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January 16, 2017

World Exclusive! Kudos To Show Prototype Of New Titan 707 Loudspeaker


Another Bristol first from Kudos Audio! Two years ago the brand treated Bristol Show visitors to a preview of its then soon-to-be-launched flagship loudspeaker, the Titan 808, incorporating ground-breaking active Linn Exakt technology. Then, last year, the team unveiled another exciting development: the Titan 808 in active operation with Devialet’s Expert audiophile system.

Now, for 2017, Kudos once again has something special to reveal: a pre-production model of a brand new member of the Titan family. The Titan 707 is a smaller, single-box version of the flagship 808 loudspeaker that will be affordable to a wider range of budgets.

Expect world-class drive units crafted exclusively for Kudos by renowned Norwegian specialists SEAS; complex cabinetry designed to enable a stunningly life-like sound; Kudos’ trademark minimalist, low order crossover, made possible by seamless matching of all drive units and, like the Titan 808, the ability to run in active mode with high-end systems including both Linn and Devialet.

As always, chief designer Derek Gilligan and his team have been putting the prototype through extensive listening tests in a variety of contexts and with a wide range of ears. Want to be one of the first to hear the result? Then join Kudos, take a seat and have a listen.

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