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January 20, 2017

Show Exclusive! REL Celebrate 25 Years With New Number 25

REL are proud to be introducing the Number 25 at the Bristol show this year.
This is an amazing addition to the range with many new manufacturing and technical advantages which enable us to release the most dynamic and dare we say most beautiful sub REL have ever produced.

With a brief which stated " no restraints" the team have produced something truly amazing.

We are also proud to show the brand new G1 mk2 for the first time in the UK.
This further develops the Iconic G series into its next generation with increased performance.

Off the back of the REL S3 SHO being awarded sub of the year recently, we will be showing the complete 2017 product line up and be demonstrating in our " normal" REL fashion and will aim to show you something a bit special.

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3rd Floor: 308, 3rd Floor: 309

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