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January 30, 2017

New Pro-Ject Essential III At Bristol



What happens when the multi-award winning Essential II turntable from Pro-Ject Audio gets an upgrade?

The Essential II has changed the shape of affordable audiophilia since its introduction in 2013. The design, ease of use and superlative sound quality combined to make it the centre of countless hi-fi systems across the globe. Now, Pro-Ject Audio Systems are thrilled to offer a new, dramatically improved version; Essential III.

The Essential III boasts a series of notable improvements that elevate the new model past the ability of its predecessor, both technically and cosmetically. The Essential III retains the simple yet elegant frame of the Essential II. Made from high-quality MDF for
its acoustically neutral character, and now wrapped in a high-gloss paint finish (available in red, white or black); the main structure combines both elegance
and functionality. The plinth is then mounted on three anti-vibration feet, for effective decoupling from the surface on which the turntable is placed.

The standard Essential III stands at £239.00 (UK SRP). It incorporates all the benefits of the Essential III A that was introduced in 2016, plus it includes a new MDF platter. The new platter’s high-gloss finish provides a smooth platform for the felt mat and vinyl record to sit on. The antiresonant properties of MDF allow this version to produce a coherent, musical performance that belies the price.

But why believe word of mouth? Come and have a listen for yourself in the Pro-Ject Audio room hosted by Henley Audio! Room 416!

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