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February 6, 2017

Reloop Turn 3 Turntable Makes Bristol Debut


In September 2016 Reloop HiFi were proud to announce the introduction of their first record player. With decades of experience in the DJ and Professional Audio industry, Reloop have rapidly become a market leader in the supply of DJ turntables and accessories. But during the German company’s twentieth anniversary year, they have decided to transfer their skills and experience to a new task; producing a turntable that’s been designed for music enthusiasts and sound purists. The result is TURN 3, a record player that combines ultimate convenience with maximum fidelity.
TURN 3 is operated by a master switch on the back panel, and a three-point speed control on top of the plinth. The controller allows for effortlessly simple switching between 33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm speeds with tight accuracy and reliable stability. Then, for further convenience, there is a switchable Semi-Automatic Auto Stop function, which allows the turntable to automatically start when the tonearm is placed in position, and stop again at the end of the record.

TURN 3 is also simple to connect to any hi-fi system. The turntable is internally grounded, finished with gold-plated connectors and supplied with a set of RCA leads. Thanks to the switchable built-in Moving Magnet phono stage, the turntable can either be connected to a standard LINE or AUX input on an amplifier, or it can be upgraded with the use of an external phono stage. The additional USB output also allows for simple connection to a PC or Mac, providing a quick and easy way to transcribe your vinyl to digital audio files.

With so many features and options the Reloop Turn 3 really brings new meaning to ‘all-in-one’ systems while simultaneously maintaining high standards that any vinyl enthusiast has come to expect.

As ever the best way to find out about a system is to hear it, so come and join us in the Henley Audio room for a demo!

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