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February 13, 2017

Book Your Ticket & Experience Monitor Audio's Platinum II in a 5.1 Configuration



Room 1008:
Monitor Audio’s Platinum II loudspeakers in a 5.1 AV presentation configuration. Featuring Platinum II 300, 100, C350 and W15 subwoofer. Ticket required (see below).

Room 208:
Monitor Audio’s Platinum II 100/200 loudspeakers paired with Roksan’s Blak amplifier and CD player or Roksan Radius and Xerxes turntables.

An audience with Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum II loudspeakers is not to be missed. Reserve your ticket here for room 1008 where the Platinum IIs will be presented in a 5.1 configuration. In Room 208 they will be showcased in a two-way set-up with Roksan’s Blak amplifier and CD player. The Platinum II cabinets are a statement of immaculate craftsmanship and are hand-built with the expert precision of the finest furniture makers to deliver the legendary Monitor Audio sound.

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10th Floor: 1008

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