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January 12, 2018

New product unveiled at the Show.



See the new Allegri+ pre-amplifier and be one of the first to see our latest new product which will be unveiled at the show.

Used by countless Hi-Fi enthusiasts worldwide, Townshend’s range of Audio products push the performance envelope of any audio system.

Many high-end audio system now incorporate Townshend multi award winning upgrades. From isolating individual components (e.g. turntables, disk players, streamers, dacs and amplifiers, etc), to large floor-standing speakers, Townshend Seismic Isolation improves the entire system. The Townshend method of isolation is unique in the audio industry. Achieving stunning levels of isolation in all three planes which far surparses that of any alternative system. Connect your components with the latest Fractal interconnects and your speakers with Fractal speaker cable, the difference is simply astounding.

Top your speakers with Townshend Supertweeters to take your listening into new realms.


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Terrace/Conservatory: Conservatory 4