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January 15, 2018

ARCAM launch brand new HDA Hi-Fi range!



The long awaited replacement to the multi award winning A19 is here. The SA10 integrated amplifier is 50 wpc and comes packed with 5x analogue inputs including a turntable input and 3x digital inputs!

The SA10 can be controlled over IP by ARCAM’s IOS app, Musiclife or can also be controlled by a brand new backlit/learning remote control handset.

The SA20 amplifier has all the features of the SA10 but uses our proprietary Class G technology and is rated at 80 wpc and can handle the most demanding of loudspeakers with ease. The SA20 has an improved built-in DAC the ESS Sabre 9038 reference (as employed in our irDAC2).

The CDS50 is ARCAM’s all new CD/SACD audio disc player with UPnP streaming. This player once again raises the performance bar and is undoubtedly ARCAM’s finest audio disc spinner to date! As with the new amplifiers, the CDS50 employs an ESS DAC and has single- ended and balance outputs as well as digital outputs and inputs. This player can be controlled over IP and can be controlled by ARCAM’s IOS app, Musiclife and also comes with the new remote control handset.

These products and more will be on demonstration at Empire 2 for the duration of the show!

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Ground Floor: Empire 2

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