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January 17, 2018

New Viotti Tower Loudspeaker, Italian design flare with British and Asian engineering


Andrea’s concept for Viotti Tower is an evolution of the Viotti One, which blends the fluid curves of 1950s modernism with cutting-edgewraps for an elegant, minimalist look.

Blends the fluid curves of 1950 modernism with cutting edge wrap for an elegant, minimalist look. Curved laminated dual-core panels and cutting edge polymers for maximum strength and acoustic stability.

Cabinet Engineering
The Viotti Tower cabinet uses advanced dual-core laminate construction to optimise the stiffness and mass of the structure, eliminating unwanted panel resonances. 

The driver units are acoustically isolated from each other to prevent cross-interference. The smaller high frequency drivers are given its own aerodynamically-shaped sub-chambers, while the larger bass-mid units use the main vented cabinet volume.

The Driver Units
Viotti Tower uses custom high-performance driver units; the custom built Sota 11 x 3 pcs and Sota 5. Designed by Mark Fenlon, the British engineer who created the internationally acclaimed Alpair product range, they are true wide-range drivers. Both can reproduce bass notes, and have high frequency extension beyond the upper limit of human hearing. Uniquely, our drivers share the same cone profile. We have called this our ‘Symmetrical Sound Field’ approach, where the drivers have the same radiating behaviour (‘dispersion’). This eliminates the unnatural changes in behaviour often found when very different types of driver are used. The large radiating areas also help generate extremely realistic ‘body’ and ‘depth’ that conventional loudspeakers often struggle to reproduce.
• Range 36Hz – 30KHz anechoic (+/1 6dB)
• 86dB 1m/w
• Power 120 watts nominal
• Dimensions: 300 x 434 x 1153 mm
• 2 x Sota 5 wide-range cone tweeter
• 3 x Sota 11 wide-range cone bass-mid
• Weight (each): 29 KG

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