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January 23, 2018

So many products, so few GE5670s!


IFi understands that we have tracked down and acquired the last known large-scale stockpile of GE5670 tubes!

Hurrah! I hear you cry...well, yes and no!

The good news is that we have amassed a respectable inventory for AMR to use in their machines and for iFi to use in their flagship ‘Pro’ series for the foreseeable future (years really).

BUT the bad news is that once the existing iTube2s and NOS6922s are all gone, there will be no more. The recent rise in the price of the GE5670 makes it even more the right decision to not continue with using the GE5670 in these products.

Given that we need to reserve 2 pieces of the GE5670 for each Pro iDSD and Pro iCAN and for the AMR 777 machines too, priority must be given to these flagship products.

So, if you fancy an iTube2 grab one now while they are still out there. And if you are waiting for the Pro iDSD, never fear, we have it covered! Come and see the Pro iDSD on Stand 11.

See iFi Audio at...

Ground Floor: Bristol 11