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January 24, 2018

Exposure adds new HP headphone amp to its award-winning compact XM series: hear it first at Bristol



‘Real world’ hi-fi at ‘real world’ prices is something Exposure has always been particularly strong on and the XM series very much ticks that box, offering an appealing alternative for music lovers who want superior audio performance but aren't necessarily in the market for a hi-fi system that risks emptying their bank account and filling their home.

Kicking off the XM series were the XM3 phonostage alongside the XM5 integrated amplifier which, despite its compact size, put the ‘integrated’ back into integrated amps with its incorporated phonostage and DAC. These were soon followed by the XM7 preamplifier and the XM9 mono power amps (“the highest performance amplifier we could fit into a compact chassis.”).

The new XM HP headphone amp is a variation of the XM7 preamplifier but specifically honed for the discerning headphone listener. Like the XM5 integrated amp and XM7 preamp, it includes a built-in moving magnet phonostage and DAC, allowing both vinyl and digital bliss.

Peering under the hood, what the XM series loses in bulk, it adds in high quality detail. While most smaller hi-fi components (and indeed a good many larger ones) fall back on switch-mode power supplies – which are far from audiophile grade and pollute the mains supply with noise – the XM HP features a linear power supply with a 60VA custom-made toroidal power transformer. Only high quality resistors and capacitors are used in the signal path.

As you might expect, the XM HP features enhanced headphone circuitry in which an all-discrete audio output stage delivers high drive capability for low impedance headphones. Its two pairs of 6.35mm jacks and of XLR sockets allow two sets of headphones to be used at the same time, and there’s also a separate pre-amp output.

Join us at the Bristol Show and be among the first to hear it, as well as discovering the full range of XM series components.


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