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January 24, 2018

QED showcases its all-new XT25 speaker cables



QED has been at the forefront of the speaker cable technology since it was founded in 1973 and has won more What Hi-fi? Awards than any other single brand. Building on this rich heritage, this longstanding British company is introducing its new Performance XT25 speaker cables at Bristol. Featuring innovative and proprietary X-Tube™ technology filtered down from its flagship Supremus cable, these budget to mid-range cables deliver a class-leading performance at an affordable price.

High frequencies in speaker cables travel in different way to lower-pitched sounds and this can adversely effect the fidelity you hear. The XT25 variation of QED X-Tube™ technology solves this problem by creating a hollow tubular conductor structure out of individual conductor bunches through which each frequency can pass with equal ease when compared to traditional solid or stranded conductors.

The XT25 boast 99.999% oxygen-free copper for the best signal transmission possible, while the company offers an unlimited lifetime guarantee which means that if your cable ever fails to deliver to its full potential during its lifetime QED will replace it free of charge.

Visit QED at Bay 1 on the Ground Floor

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Ground Floor: Bay 1