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January 26, 2018

Ascension: the new almighty power cable from IsoTek!



This unique design consists of three deep cryogenically treated silver-plated Ohno continuous cast copper conductors, wrapped in a dielectric of air, with partial FEP contact, before a further extruded FEP sleeve seals the construction. Each of these individual conductor assemblies is then wrapped in Mylar and shielded with an oxygen-free copper (OFC) braid, before being given a slight rotational twist with FEP tubes of air.

The aim? To bring you closer to your music. The Ascension drops the noise floor to an inky black level, opening the soundstage with holographic images, air and space and unparalleled micro dynamics.

Join IsoTek’s Bjoern Kort in room 209 to find out why IsoTek’s unique power cleaning technologies win more awards than any similar brand. Regular demonstrations throughout the show will feature a wide selection of the company’s renowned mains conditioners and cables, from the entry-level ‘Discovery’ series to the top-of-range ‘Ultimate’ – and of course the new Ascension.

See IsoTek in Room 209.

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2nd Floor: 209