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Decent Audio is a company dedicated to the import and supply of top quality audio products. The company’s brands and product ranges are recognized throughout the hi-fi industry for offering top quality and exceptional value for money. In short, they offer something that little bit special, something a little bit out of the ordinary. Decent Audio works closely with selected specialist UK audio dealers who have been singled out for their ability to fully understand, demonstrate and support their chosen brands.

Web Link: http://www.decentaudio.co.uk

Where to find Decent Audio at the show

See Decent Audio in Room 318 on the 3rd Floor and in Room 320 on the 3rd Floor

This promises to be a very special system indeed... at the source end is the superlative Kronos Sparta turntable. Amplification will be powerfully yet deftly handled by van den Hul’s The Grail phono stage, alongside Audio Analogue’s masterful Maestro Anniversary amplifier. The Kronos Helena tonearm will be crowned with van den Hul’s hand-built Crimson Stradivarius cartridge. Then we’ll bring everything together with van den Hul’s high quality cabling, so all that remains is to take a seat, relax and enjoy.

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