Funk Firm

Web Link: www.thefunkfirm.co.uk

Where to find Funk Firm at the show

See Funk Firm in Room 414 on the 4th Floor

30 minute closed room ticketed demonstrations will provide lots of information on analogue. See Funk’s full range of turntables and product upgrades: The new Gett! /F7, full upgrades for Rega and SL1200. Comparative demonstrations include Achromat, FX3, Bo!ng. Ultra high resolution amplification by Tom Evans will power Orpheus’ new elegant bookshelf loudspeakers. Orpheus: Son of Minipod for those in the know! Purple Haze Cables will be an important part of the performance. There's a lot to see. Analogue delivers.

New Product Launches: Orpheus Loudspeaker (Son of Minipod) have two new highly attractive models, New Purple Haze Cables, SL1200 fully loaded kit. A new Amplifier By Tom Evans will be used. Competitions: Win Achromats, Bo!ngs Cables and more...

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