NuNu Distribution

NuNu Distribution dedicated audio and home theatre products that have been carefully chosen and are distributed through authorised UK Dealers. As part of the dealer process we ensure that their sales personnel are given comprehensive training on the products we supply. Customers can therefore be confident of being both well informed and properly advised before they make a purchase. We share your passion for high end audio. We are equally passionate about applying our knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the very best from your system. Whether you are seeking assistance with components, installation, system matching or simply some advice, our expert opinion is always on hand to assist.

Web Link: www.nunudistribution.co.uk

Where to find NuNu Distribution at the show

See NuNu Distribution in Room 217 on the 2nd Floor and in Room 218 on the 2nd Floor

This year you will have the chance to see and hear some fantastic products from quadral, Novafidelity, TAD, Oracle, SPEC, Creaktiv and Kennerton. Come along to rooms 217 & 218 to hear some quality sounds at reasonable prices!

New Product Launches: quadral Rhodan 9 and Novafidelity X35

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