Creaktiv Systems have developed a unique and ground breaking technology which suppresses and eliminates the effects of electromagnetic interference in your home. The technology is called ci2p and it can fundamentally change opinions on the effect that electronic smog has on our listening environment and our living environment. This isn’t any kind of Voodoo, this is measureable scientific research, the results are significant and the products really work. If you have surfaces, such as glass, in your listening room the Creaktiv products would make a noticeable difference to your sound.

Where to find Creaktiv at the show

See Creaktiv in Room 217 on the 2nd Floor and in Room 218 on the 2nd Floor

This year you will have the chance to see and hear some fantastic products from quadral, Novafidelity, TAD, Oracle, SPEC, Creaktiv and Kennerton. Come along to rooms 217 & 218 to hear some quality sounds at reasonable prices!

New Product Launches: quadral Rhodan 9 and Novafidelity X35

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