Audio Detail

Where to find Audio Detail at the show

See Audio Detail in Room 208 on the 2nd Floor

Malvern Audio Research will be showing a new integrated amplifier from Ming Da -The Cavatina Scatola. A first public showing for a Single Ended class A 805A valve amp, with Style and substance. Naturally, supported by Audio Detail's new Chela 4 Valve DAC & NV-08 Nuvistor Phono stage. For the first time at Bristol we will be listening with the hORNS FP10 speakers along with the lovely Planalogue Prelude turntable. New Product Launches: Cavatina Scatola class A SE integrated valve amp, NV-08 Nuvistor Phono stage, hORNS FP-10


18.02.18    Nuvistor Phono stage
pic   Hear the New NV-08 Phono stage from Audio Detail, in the Malvern Audio Research room..FAB 208 more info

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