Melco Audio

Melco was established by Makoto Maki in 1975 in Japan. Maki, an enthusiastic audiophile, established the company to design and manufacture the finest audio components of the time - the undoubted masterpiece of the Melco line being the turntable, introduced into the UK in 1980, which set new standards in music reproduction.

From those early beginnings Melco developed into the largest computer peripherals manufacturer in Japan, offering advanced products based on rigorous R&D, including Wireless routers, Ethernet Data Switches and storage devices such as NAS drives.

Now the Company is proud to revive the highly-respected Melco brand, offering discerning audiophiles high technology networked audio components in the spirit of those much revered early Melco products, while incorporating the very latest research into reliable high performance networked devices and storage.

'MELCO' stands for Maki Engineering Laboratory Company.

Web Link: http://melco-audio.com/

Where to find Melco Audio at the show

See Melco Audio in Room 204 on the 2nd Floor and at Bay 1 on the Ground Floor

Melco will show the new N10 2 box Music Server and Streaming player. We will have the new entry level N100 as well as the flagship N1ZS20/2A and the new D100 archive quality CD loader. We will announce exciting new software updates and features.

New Product Launches: N100 entry level Music Library; N10 two box Music Library.

Room 204

Tellurium Q, multi-award winning cables, are introducing the new Ultra Black II speaker cable and Silver power cable – with live A-B tests. Russell K will be demonstrating the new RED 150Se top-of-the-range speaker. Russell Kauffman, the designer, will be on hand to meet you and answer any questions.All demos will have various Melco models as Hi-Res source including the new N100 and N10 2-box music library, server, USB-DAC player and Streamer, with Dan Raggett to answer your digital music questions. As always expect a friendly atmosphere and great sound!

New Product Launches: Tellurium Q Ultra Black II; Tellurium Q Silver Power Cables; Russell K RED 150SE.