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Novafidelity, manufactured by South Korean IT and music player specialist Novatron Co, was previously known as Cocktail Audio in the UK, as it is still know elsewhere in the world. The company has come a long way since the introduction of their X10 all-in-one mini system, one of the first of its kind. By further harnessing their IT expertise and combining it with premium audio specifications, they offer a full range of products from the £689 X14, right through to the high-end X45Pro streamer/DAC, which sells for £5099, to satisfy the needs of the modern audiophile market.

Now with a matured interface, proprietary MusicX control app for iOS and Android, and possibly some of the best specified products available, Novafidelity has something for all customers looking to enhance the networked and streaming capabilities of their system, or just looking to move away from a more traditional set-up to one with a digitally stored music library.

Web Link: http://www.novafidelity.com/

Where to find Novafidelity at the show

See Novafidelity in Room 324 on the 3rd Floor and in Room 326 on the 3rd Floor