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DS Audio

Discover the world’s only optical cartridge

Just launched in the UK, Japanese DS Audio’s revolutionary DS-W1 is the world’s only optical cartridge. Unlike previous ‘non-contact’ systems which used lasers to read record grooves, DS Audio’s design is a pure analogue contact system that uses a conventional stylus and cantilever. Instead of relying on electromagnetic induction, it uses an LED to detect stylus vibration. This completely eliminates the electromagnetic frictional force that is a ‘fact of life’ in all MM and MC cartridge designs. DS Audio part of the Digital Stream Corporation who co-created (with Microsoft) the optical mouse.

Where to find DS Audio at the show

See DS Audio in Room 209 on the 2nd Floor and in Room 220 on the 2nd Floor

If you think state-of-the-art equals off-the-chart expensive, join us for some reassuringly affordable high performers. Clearaudios stunning Innovation turntable series offers a compact and budget-friendly model, the Innovation Basic. Here, its paired with DS Audios pioneering DS-E1 optical cartridge, which halves the cost of optical technology. The stunning studio-derived Kerr Acoustic K300Mk3 loudspeakers finish the system. Unleashing the systems considerable potential will be performance-enhancing Furutech NCF Boosters, cables and connectors, and the astonishingly effective ION-001 vinyl ionizer from DS Audio.

New Product Launches: DS-Audio ION-001 vinyl ionizer, Furutech NCF Booster Signal-L, Furutech NCF Booster Brace, Furutech DSS-4.1 loudspeaker cable, Kerr Acoustic K300 Mk3 loudspeaker.