Wang Fengshuo (Jason Wang), founder and CEO of Questyle Audio, was deeply attracted to Hi-Fi audio from an early age. He bought all kinds of electronic components, picked up his soldering iron and tried every kind of circuit and device, immersing himself in his own world. He was also a guitar lover - embraced by music on one side, and electronics engineering on the other.

Fast forward to the spring of 2004, while performing an experiment, on a current mode communication circuit, in the university lab. Wang Fengshuo (Jason Wang) accidentally discovered a circuit, which had very low TIMD and could be used for high speed amplification. This inspired him to begin research on current mode circuits and fast forwarding again to 2012 saw the entry of Questyle Audio Engineering in to the Hifi market.

Questyle’s product range covers: High Res Portable Music Players (DAPs), Current Mode Headphone Amplifiers, True DSD DACs, 5GHz Wireless HiFi Systems, Pre-amps and Power Amplifiers, etc. Questyle Audio is dedicated to satisfying tone quality expectations of audiophiles and music fans, employing the highest and most perfect sound aesthetics coupled with the most advanced engineering techniques.

Web Link: http://www.questyleaudio.com

Where to find Questyle at the show

See Questyle in Room 326 on the 3rd Floor


08.01.19    SCV Highlights At Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019
pic   This year SCV will be presenting the very latest audio innovations from Focal, Micromega, Meze, Novafidelity, Benchmark Media and Questyle. more info