In the spring of 2004, while performing an experiment, on a current mode communication circuit, in the university lab, Questyle founder Wang Fengshuo (Jason Wang) accidentally discovered a circuit, which had very low TIMD and could be used for high speed amplification. This inspired him to begin research on current mode circuits and fast forward to 2012 saw the entry of Questyle Audio Engineering in to the Hifi market..
Now, alongside their current mode amplification designs, they have also introduced their ‘Loss Less Audio System’ which allows for hi-res music playback via 5.8GHz wireless connection. At the center of this system is their SHB2 super hub, which acts as a dock for the QP2R as well as being a digital and analogue pre-amp to transmit wirelessly to associated Loss Less Audio System products. The first of these is the CMA Twelve headphone amp and DAC. Future products will include receiving power amplifiers and products to integrate, BT, WiFi, networked and streamed audio in to the system.

Web Link: http://www.questyleaudio.com

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