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Scansonic HD is a sister company to Raidho Acoustics. From the start, we were very focused on building on all the experiences and strengths obtained from designing the Raidho line of speakers. At the same time, we also had to be aware of the long heritage and the Nordic design tradition of the Scansonic brand. It was clear to us from the very beginning that some core technologies from the Raidho speakers would be of importance: the speakers had to be designed around a ribbon tweeter that works with a super-lightweight diaphragm (50x lighter than conventional tweeters), this lower mass translates directly into higher resolution and less material coloration.

Scansonic HD loudspeakers embody the tradition of distinctive Nordic design with elegant, clean lines and room-friendly dimensions.

Web Link: www.scansonichd.dk

Where to find Scansonic at the show

See Scansonic in the Cabot Suite on the Lower Ground floor